About Riiiver

Aiming to be a service where anyone in the world can become a creator

Riiiver is an IoT platform service that allows the user to link people, goods, and things. It aims to be a service where young and old – anyone in the world – can become a creator.

Pieces are an integral component for doing this. They are the core elements of Riiiver. Having a larger number of Pieces makes it possible to create a greater variety of “time experiences.”

People with specialized knowledge can create Pieces, which general users can use to create the functions they want. This act of “co-creation” also builds a micro-community that brings together a variety of users.

This provides the pure pleasure of creating things, and the joy of building something together with others with the same purpose. Riiiver hopes to team up with developers, who know the real pleasure of creating things more than anyone, to realize the vision of shared “time experiences.”

The structure of Riiiver

In Riiiver:

  • The functional modules that users assemble are called “Pieces.”
  • The functional items assembled from Pieces are called “iiidea.”

Users assemble the three types of Pieces – T, S, and A – to create a single iiidea.

  • T: Trigger Piece → a Piece that triggers an action
  • S: Service Piece → a Piece that provides a service
  • A: Action Piece → a Piece that outputs the service results

For example, if you are creating an iiidea of “pushing a button on a watch to look up tomorrow’s weather and display it using the hands,” the T, S, and A Pieces would work in the following way:

  • T: Push the watch button
  • S: Find tomorrow’s forecast
  • A: Display the results using the hands

In this way, general users assemble the three Pieces – T, S, and A – to create the desired function (iiidea). Developers with specialized knowledge such as programming, however, can develop Pieces from scratch.

Further, tools, such as documentation and tutorials that are useful for development, are provided to minimize the time and work resources required to create Pieces. Please make use of these during development.

The idea behind Riiiver

Think of the numerous small villages (micro-communities) that appear along large rivers. The villages that created more convenient and abundant lifestyles eventually developed into cities and gave birth to advanced cultures.

Developments in lifestyle are always created by people’s imaginations. Since ancient times those creations have used rivers and been close to rivers. Rivers are the origin of our civilization and culture.

Being close to people and contributing to the development of their lifestyles. That is what Riiiver wants to be.

That is the idea behind the name “Riiiver.”

Riiiver is a service where the user can be a developer, and the developer can be a user. We have provided a development environment where everyone can experience the joy of creating, whether they are developing as a hobby or as a full-fledged business – whatever their motivation.

Even the simplest or most unremarkable idea for a Piece could be appreciated by someone somewhere in the world. Please actively share your ideas, especially those that might be surprising to others.

Additionally, the open nature of this platform service can be utilized not only to create a variety of products and services but also to link it with other platforms. We aim to realize a world where there is high value in linking to Riiiver, so we will continually update Riiiver in the future.

For this reason, we know the role of developers is more important than anything. Developers and the Riiiver service will grow together. Building this relationship is the ideal of Riiiver.