Piece Development Guideline


Descriptions of the Piece

In the PieceJOSN description, make a description of the created Piece on what it is and how to use it. Use a template to format the Piece descriptions. (Templates are prepared on the Piece JSON Generator. Please use them.)
When the description does not follow the guideline, the Riiiver operation team may contact you asking for the correction of and addition to the description during the review at the Piece registration.

A sample description
  "title": {
    "en": "iiidea naem",
    "ja": "iiideaの名前"
  "description": {
    "en": "
    ~~What is this Piece?~~\n
    Summary regarding your Piece is here.\n
    ~~How do I use it?~~\n
    Describe how to use.\n
    Precautions for use. This part is optional.\n
    ~~Compatible with~~\n
    Clarify the compatible products if your Piece cannot be used among all Riiiver devices without causing trouble\n
    About Trademarks ( https://riiiver.com/en/trademark/ )",
    "ja": "
    商標について ( https://riiiver.com/trademark/ )"
Line breaks on the JSON file
Line breaks were made for the visibility in the above description.

Some points of concern referring to the above sample are as follows.

Making titles

Make titles to each content in the description when it is long and becomes difficult to find what the user wants to know.

~~What is this Piece?~~Outline of the Piece 
~~How do I use it?~~How to use the Piece
~~Notes~~-Notes on using the Piece that the user needs to know. If there is nothing to note about, note is not necessary.
~~Compatible with~~-When devices that the Piece is available are limited, list them here. Listing is not necessary when the Piece is available for all the Riiiver devices.

For the Piece created using external services, descriptions on the legal matters related to trademarks are prepared in the separate page. Please add the following fixed phrase and the link at the end of the description.

About Trademarks ( https://riiiver.com/en/trademark/ )商標について ( https://riiiver.com/trademark/ )

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