Dev Tools

Offering the tools necessary to support Piece developers.

We have created the design documentation on this site to be an indispensable tool for our Piece developer community. At the same time, we understand that words alone can sometimes be difficult to parse, and for that reason we have created the online "PieceJSON Generator" tool to facilitate Piece creation.

PieceJSON Generator

The PieceJSON Generator is an online, in-browser assistance tool intended to help streamline Piece creation. Use it to set up the code of a new PieceJSON, validate and debug the PieceJSON format, and preview how your Piece will appear in-app to the end user.

And for users who have already coded a PieceJSON outside of the Generator, feel free to upload your existing Pieces into the tool and just use the debugging and preview features!

We recommend running the PieceJSON Generator using the most recent version of the below browsers:

  • Microsoft Windows

    • Google Chrome
  • Mac OS

    • Google Chrome
    • Safari

Open the PieceJSON Generator

Read our detailed guide on "Using the PieceJSON Generator"