Using Riiiver SDK


About Riiiver SDK

Functions of Riiiver SDK

Riiiver SDK enables iOS applications to support the Riiiver IoT platform. Riiiver SDK has the following functions.

  • Execution and management of iiidea
  • Login to the Riiiver platform
    • Login with email address
    • Login with Facebook account
    • Login with Google account
    • Login using “Sign in with Apple”
  • Display iiidea Store
  • Creation of Piece
Operating Environment for Riiiver SDK

We have confirmed Riiiver SDK works in the following system environments. Please note that Riiiver SDK must be run on the device. It does not work on a simulator.


Xcode 11.7
iOS 13.7

Android Studio 4.0
Android 8.0

Organization of this tutorial

This tutorial is organized as follows:


In this tutorial, we explain How Riiiver SDK works using a sample application.
(A The manual for “How to use Riiiver SDK in your application” is currently being prepared and will be published as soon as it is ready. In the meantime, please use this tutorial to see how Riiiver SDK works.)

Now, you are ready to start with the first chapter, “Preparing to use Riiiver SDK”.

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